SE-Konsult AB - Services.

SE-Konsult is working with design of installations in industrial production plants, laboratories, offices etc.
We can make any design from a simple basic design up to a complete design including all steps.
In many of our previous big project we did make all the steps from pre-investigation, contacts with local authorities, design of tender documentation, evaluating bids from contractors, meetings with bidders, updating documentation from tender to construction status and finally updating documentation to AS-built status.
Normally we follow up the project to assure the quality and make site visits for pre-inspections, support and at last final inspection.

We are Specialists in our field of work.

Electrical Services.

Cable ladders / Trunking

  • Cable ladder systems!
  • Cable channel systems!
  • Office trunking systems!
  • Conduit systems!


  • Medium Voltage systems with distribution transformers!
  • Switchgears!
  • Low Voltage power systems!
  • Stand-by diesel/gas power and UPS systems!
  • Lightning protection!
  • Voltage equalization systems!


  • Indoor lighting!
  • Outdoor lighting!
  • Emergency lighting!
  • Lighting control systems!

BMS (Building Management Systems)

  • HVAC Control systems, computer based and analogue!
  • LAN (local area network for telephone and computer)!
  • CCTV (close circuit television)!
  • Access control systems!
  • Intrusion alarm systems!
  • Fire detection / alarm systems!


HVAC Services.

Control systems

  • HVAC Control systems, computer based and analogue


  • Air handling units!
  • Fans!
  • Duct systems!
  • Pneumatic transport systems with separators!
  • Printing ink drying systems!
  • Air purification systems!

Cooling systems

  • Chillers!
  • Cooling towers!
  • Pipe systems with pumps!

Heating systems

  • Heating systems with boilers!
  • Hot oil systems!
  • Steam heating systems!
  • Pipe systems with pumps!


Our working Systems

SE-Konsult is working with the latest versions of the leading design software on the market. We make 3D design in AutoCAD MEP XL-E 2013 and BIM 3D design in AutoCAD Revit MEP 2013, Revit applications Naviate Electrical and HVAC. 3D coordination are made by use of Navisworks software.
Various software are used to calculate and dimension systems for HVAC, power, lighting etc.

Latest project

Packaging Industry

Sweden / Sunne - Rebuilding of factory